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TD-LTE sync Detection Module



INNOSí»s Sync Detection Module WDM-C234V5 derives accurate TDD Timing directly from the TD-LTE RAS RF signal


By using an integrated, Proprietry Sync tracking module, TE-LTE signal can be tracked and used to maintain accurate and reliable timing.

Even in urban canyon environments where fading and weaked signals can be received , the automatic, TDD tracking mode provides accurate timing from such worst environment.

The WDM-C234V5 supports a wide dymic input signal from 0 to 4Ghz, so WDM-C234V5 can be worked with RF signal or IF signal without any consideration.
A debug port which provide monitoring and firmware upgrade via the RS-232c port of PC.


- Key Features

  • TDD Sync recovery from TD-LTE Signal
  • Wide dynamic range 0 to 4Ghz
  • Holdover support for input jitter/fading?environment for the Stable TDD Switch?signal output
  • Temperature & OSC. aging compensation
  • Firmware Upgradable through GUI
  • Tiny small form factor
  • TDD switch offset available each output
  • DC 3.3V single power input
  • No local oscillator for RF section


- Key Benefits

  • Small size & low power consumption
  • Wide dynamic range 0 to 4Ghz
  • Holdover function for the trouble free operations
  • Easy to install TD-LTE repeater