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GPS Time and Frequency Standard

  • CDMA(IS)BTS/LG Electronics
  • 10Mhz/1PPS/TOD



The GPS-R is economical 6U shelf type redundant Clock generator that provides ultra-precise timing & frequency output signals synchronized to UTC
GPS-R offers built-in distribution of six 10MHz output as well as three 1PPS output and one TOD data output
GPS-R consists of two GPSM modules and one RCU module. GPSM module contain the GPS receivers, oscillators as well as a CPU.
Each GPSM module is hot swappable and includes front panel status LED's for power, GPS lock, holdover and fault status GPS-R is optimized to provide superior long-term performance. Controlling & Performance monitoring are provided via RS-232 interface.


- Key Features

  • No "Giltch" Redundancy switching
  • Hot replacement type
  • GPS Disciplined Double Ovenized Crystal Oscillator
  • Build-in control & monitoring system for automatic switchover, status reports and fault detection
  • On-Line software upgrade without system down
  • OEM Clock generator and Interface function board (User define available)


- Applications

  • Synchronization for Telecommunications
  • Network Synchronization
  • Time & Frequency Calibration Lab
  • WLL System