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GPS Time and Frequency Standard

  • 10Mhz/1PPS/TOD



The S2GPS receiver is a 2U high, 23'' standard rack mount unit that provides ultra-precise timing & frequency output signals synchronized to UTC.
S2GPS offers built-in distribution of sixteen 10MHz output as well as two 1PPS output and one TOD data output
S2GPS consists of six modules that two GPS receciver modules, two oscillator modules and two power modules
Each module is hot swappable and includes front panel status LED S2GPS is optimized to provide superior long-term performance. S2GPS control & Operation interface is provide via RS-232 or a front panel keypad.


- Ket Features

  • 1PPS & 10MHz output with automatic fault detection function (Rear LED display)
  • Optimized for CDMA Base Station Synchronization
  • Conforms to IS-95A/B & IS-95C CDMA Specifications for BTS and BSC
  • No "Giltch" Redundancy switching
  • Dual "Hot-swappable"
    • GPS receiver module
    • Oscillator module
    • Power module
  • GPS Disciplined Double Ovenized Crystal Oscillator
  • 2x40 backlit LCD display with Membrane 16key pad for time, position, satellite operation and control
  • On-Line software upgrade without system down Windows based Fineview diagnostic software


- Applications

  • Synchronization for Telecommunications
  • Network Synchronization
  • Time & Frequency Calibration Lab
  • LGE/ IS 95A/B BTS, BSC