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Ultra Miniature GPS Timing Receiver



INNOS's Stratum 1 level MGM-C161 derives accurate time directly TCXO/OCXO from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system.


By using an integrated, 12-channel GPS receiver, every visible satellite can be tracked and used to maintain accurate and reliable time. Even in urban canyon environments where satellite visibility can be limited, the automatic, single satellite tracking mode provides accurate time from as few as on intermittent satellite.


The MGM-C161 is a small size timing reference unit that provides highly accurate timing and frequency output signals synchronized to UTC(Universal Time Coordinated).


The MGM-C161 GPS Timing Receiver supports a wide variety of time and frequency.You can communicate via the RS-232c port for monitoring .

A Comprehensive RS-232 command set provides versatile control of the MGM-C161.


- Key Features

  • 12 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Small Size Timing reference
  • Clock Output(See Option)
  • Software Upgrade through IPC port
  • TOD Data Output
  • 5V Single Power
  • 1PPS Output


- Applications

  • Cost-Effective Solution for Timing & Frequency?System
  • Reliable and Secure Time is Acquired From Atomic Clocks Aboard the Global Position- -ing System(GPS) Satellites
  • Low Phasenoise frequency out for the Radio Sub System & Communication Systems
  • Best for Femto or Pico System * Clock Option:

    1. 10Mhz TCXO/OCXO
    2. 40Mhz TCXO/OCXO

  • Others consult to factory