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IEEE-1588 Slave

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Ultra Miniature IEEE-1588 PTP Slave



INNOS's IEEE-1588 Slave Module MPM-C163 derives accurate Timing without Ethernet MAC/PHY.


The IEEE 1588 protocol enables very accurate synchronization over MII interface and offers the ability to synchronize clocks high accuracy with only a network connection. MPM-C163 slave measures time through network elements such as switches or through custom network topologies.

PTP Slave provides the precise time and is also equipped to physically measure how well that time is transferred through the network with precision down to 10 ns resolution. MPM-C 163 does not have MAC/PHY interface , so does not need extra IP address. The MPM-C163 is a small size timing reference unit that provides highly accurate timing and frequency output signals synchronized to UTC(Universal Time Coordinated).

The MPM-C163 PTP Slave supports a wide variety of time and frequency.You can communicate via the debug port for monitoring.

A Comprehensive RS-232 command set provides versatile control of the MPM-C163.


- Key Features

  • IEEE-1588 Slave
  • Small Size (40mm x 60mm)
  • Dual Clock Output(See Option)
  • MII Interface
  • TOD Data Output
  • 5V Single Power
  • 1PPS /TDD pulse Output


- Applicatinos

  • Cost-Effective Solution for Timing & Frequency?System
  • Low Phasenoise frequency out for the Radio Sub System & Communication Systems
  • Best for Wibro Femto and WCDMA Fento System * MII Interface without MAC/PHY
  • Clock Option:

    1. 10Mhz, 40.0Mhz Dual clock
    2. 40Mhz, 44.8Mhz Dual clock
    3. 10Mhz, 44.8Mhz Dual clock